Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'And Alahym spoke to Mshah/Moses, "Ahayah ashar ahayah (I am that I am?)." And He said, "Thus you are to say to the children of Yashar'al/Israel, Ahayah (I am?) has sent me to you.'...שמות -



Who Is Ahayah?...I AM THAT I AM

Free Will Offering

'I am that I am!' It is a phrase that resonates in the minds of Christians around the globe: He is 'the great I am!' Many today who have come into the knowledge of their Hebrew lineage prefer to use the 'so-called' Hebrew transliteration of 'I am that I am': ahayah (some use ehayah eshar ehayah). What does mean? Does it really mean 'I am that I am?' If the four letter spelling of the Father's Name is found over 7,000 times in turah, why would He never tell His people of another name for the covenant?


In Shamuth/Exodus 3:14Yahuah is quoted by many as telling Mashah/Moses that His Name is 'I am.' It appears that verse 15 has been overlooked by many, Yahuah said that His Name was Yahuah, and it was forever. Yahuah said that His Name was a memorial to all generations, but what Name did He give? Why does there appear to be two names, when other scriptures teach us there's only one? You will be surprised to discover the truth about this misunderstood topic. Yahuah never gave His Name 'the great I am.' He said 'any Yahuah,' meaning "I am Yahuah!' Let us explore the complexities of the conundrum and uncover 'the great I am' myth. 




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