Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'And you shall be hated by all for My Name's sake. But he who shall have endured to the end shall be saved!'...MathathYahu/Matthew 10:22



Editors are needed to assist in editing 'Unadulterated'...a mechanical translation of the Scriptures. The work is plentiful and so is the time it will take to make the release date in 2017. If you are interested for the long haul...please email me. Tudah waShalum.
*the notes and video for Circumcision have been updated to the site*
Let's Read His Dabarym Together
(In Historic Order)
12/14/14: Tahalym (Psalms) 32...51...86...122
12/15/14: Shamu'al Byth (II Samuel) 13-15
12/16/14: Tahalym (Psalms) 3 & 4...12 & 13...28...55
12/17/14: Shamu'al Byth (II Samuel) 16-18
12/18/14: Tahalym (Psalms) 26...40...58...61 & 62...64
12/19/14: Shamu'al Byth (II Samuel) 19-21
12/20/14: Tahalym (Psalms) 5...38...41 & 42
Many videos on the site are in the process of being re-edited (for various reasons). They will all be added back to the site within the coming months.
Free Will Offering

Yahuah said that the Chadash/Moon was for appointed Feast days (B'rashyth/Genesis 1:14). For those walking in the Covenant, I pray that this moon phase aids you in keeping up with the Set Apart months. Remember, in the original Hebrew language, Tahalym/Psalms 81:3 described our Festival Chadash/Moon as the covered or hidden moon: not the crescent!



if you would like a copy of the lyrics to any of these songs...please email me and let me know

This site is dedicated to the King of the universe: Yahuah, and His only brought forth Son Yahusha. The Yahuah (Ya-hoo-ah') pronunciation, the TRUE identity of modern day Hebrews (sold into slavery in 1619), immersion, faith, keeping the commandments, love for the brethren, and the Walk of the Covenant are essential to having a relationship with the Father and Son. According to Amus 3:2Yahuah has only known the physical Nation of Yashar'al and not the land we currently call Israel. The children of Yashar'al now consists of the natural born and those of the nations grafted in: many races, and ethnicities. It is with great care and urgency that Yahuah has brought you here: please make the most of this beautiful opportunity to not just know of  Him, but to know Him!


My friend, now is the acceptable time and we are in the acceptable hour to return to the heart of the Covenant. This walk can only be obtained through belief in His Name, confession and repentance of sin, immersion, guarding His commandments, and denouncing this evil age and the things therein. It is then and only then will you fully understand the message of this site: Yahuah is Life!


Your servant in the work of hwhy and [fwhy

Yachazy'al YachazaqYahu Shalum

Mwlf whyqzxy layzxy


***NOTE: If your computer does not contain the Moabite Stone Font, words written in Ancient Hebrew will appear to be gibberish.***