Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'And you shall be hated by ALL for My Name's sake. But he who shall have endured to the end shall be saved!'...

MathathYahu/Matthew 10:22



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Just Yah?

This site is dedicated to the King of the universe (Yahuah), and His Word that He rendered unto us to teach, correct, instruct, and ransom back unto Him: Yahusha. The information provided within the confines of this site is given unto you as just that: information. Everything that follows after you receive the information is only for Yahuah to judge through Yahusha. The Yahuah (Ya-hoo-ah') pronunciation, the true identity of modern day Hebrews (sold into slavery in 1619), Turah, returning to our heritage, keeping the commandments, love for the brethren, and the putting off of the ways of this sin-sick society are essential in this Covenant relationship with the Father and His Set-Apart Son.

According to Amus 3:2, Yahuah has only known the physical Nation of Ysra'al and not the land we currently call Israel. Therefore, this Covenant I'm speaking of is also only for the children of Y'aqb (whose name was changed to Ysra'al), which now consists of many races, and ethnicities (those of the natural bloodline and those who are partakers of His Ruach through obedience to Turah). It is with great care and urgency that Yahuah has brought you here: please make the most of this beautiful opportunity to not just know of Him, but to know Him! He is Yahuah, and Yahuah is life!