Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'What is His Name? And what is His Son's Name - if you know it!'

Mashly/Proverbs 30:4


Evidence for the Name

Shalum to you friend, brother, and/or sister! If you are new to the site, I have exciting news for you!!! This page exists for the sole purpose of providing evidence for the Name of Yahuah. Since 2010, it has been my duty (at least I believe it has been) to do all that is within my ability to proclaim, honor, defend, justify, testify, and share with all mankind the Set Apart Name of the Most High. As I have tried to point out before, we really lose the essence of who Yahuah is when we try to discover the name of god. Seeing that god is basically anything worshipped, and since there are thousands of gods, 'the name of god' really gets us nowhere. So instead of trying to share the name of god, I would like to provide you with evidence for the Name of Yahuah. In the language of Abary (known as Hebrew) we have learned that yad ha wau (יהו) will give us YHU (Yahu) without fail. After learning this basic formula, we can proceed to see evidence for the Name of Yahuah throughout Turah and the writings. I want you to witness for yourself all the times you find the Name of the Most High amongst His people, further solidifying who He is and the importance of His one name. This instantly disqualifies Jehovah, Yahweh, and God as being His Name. I hope this information aids and assists you in your quest for the truth.