Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'And you shall be hated by ALL for My Name's sake. But he who shall have endured to the end shall be saved!'...

MathathYahu/Matthew 10:22



Evidence For The Name

Free Will Offering

There are still many debates over the name of the Most High and His Set-Apart Son, but most of these debates are merely challenges made by those who may not have a full understanding of Hebrew. Names like yahweh, ahayah, yehovah, and so on, only exist because of the ignorance of the Hebrew character ו . What sound does it truly make when not vowel pointed? The first 3 letters of the Name of the Father and Son start with יהו (yd ha uu/yode heh waw). This (without fail) will give us ya-hoo (Yahu). Knowing this, the use of Yahweh would not be possible (there are no vowel points that render Yahweh as the Name). Once we understand yd ha uu is always Yahu, we would know that Yeshua would fail to be the Name of Yahusha. Even the tribe of Judah in Hebrew starts with the same three characters: יהו - so what's the pronunciation? There is Evidence of the Name!!!


  Judah in Hebrew: יהודה

The Father' Name: יהו ה


**Notice that the Name of the Father is spelled the same as Judah in Hebrew without the d (dalath). We pronounce Judah as Yahudah (ya-hu-dah). What do we get when we remove the d? יהודה (Yahudah) becomes יהו ה (Yahu ah: Yahuah)! This is because the ו character in Hebrew makes an actual oo sound as in pool. We would lose the names of many nabaym that testify of the Name if we began to use W or V. The names in this video provide strong evidence for the Name of Yahuah and Yahusha.





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***NOTE: If your computer does not contain the Moabite Stone Font, words written in Ancient Hebrew will appear to be gibberish.***