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יהוה הוא חי

'Are you not like the people of Ethiopia to me, oh children of Yashar'al?'

`Amus/Amos 9:7

A Black Nation of Israel?




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Free Will Offering
The men in the above diagram are captives of the Assyrian army. They have low, kinky, cropped hair styles - represented by what appears to be knots. Their beards look exactly the same. The diagram is an ancient drawing (one of the many) of Hebrews in slavery....Why don't they look Jewish or 'Middle Eastern'? I've traveled the 'Middle East', and there is one race of people with hair that nappy: we call them African Americans. Who are these people and where do they come from? How are they tied in with Israel, and why does their hair look the same way as 'Africans'? Prepare to be floored.
A young child once asked his mother, "What color was Jesus?" First off, it makes me cringe to hear 'what color was Jesus', because in most cases, asking 'what color was Jesus', we are assuming Jesus was the Mashyach: he was not. What color was Jesus? He was fashioned after what we know as a white man. What color was the Mashyach? Interesting question...What if there was a black ancient Israel? This concept is frowned upon because of the hatred spewed from the unlearned lips of Hebrew Israelites. Though the term 'Hebrew Israelites' cannot be found in Turah...these aggressive men teach of a black ancient Israel and death to the white man. Sigh....Hebrew Israelites...I cringe at this one as well. When Mashah was at the burning bush, Yahuah spoke to him and showed him two miracles. His staff was turned into a snake, and his hand was turned leprous. Leprosy was not the disease as we know it today (Hansen's disease), but it was an infection that turned dark skin white...much like vitiligo. If we know that Egyptians were black, and Mashah passed as an Egyptian for 40 years before having his hand turned white; what does this say about Mashah and his people? A black ancient Israel actually existed, and despite the Hebrew Israelites antagonistic approach to proving this point...it is a valid point. The 12 tribes, Zephaniah, Job, and many others all have given us proof in the Turah about a black ancient Israel that had their identity stolen and erased. Don't take my word for it. Read the articles at the top of this page and prepare to be floored.
I do not believe that skin color is essential for salvation...but if you are not a natural born descendent of Abraham, and you desire a relationship with Yahuah and Yahusha: you must be grafted into the physical nation of Israel...not found in the land of Israel...but found in slavery, shipped out to sea in 1619 - as the prophesy stated. You cannot be grafted into a people you do not believe exist.

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