Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'And you shall be hated by all for My Name's sake. But he who shall have endured to the end shall be saved!'...MathathYahu/Matthew 10:22


1 Name for the Father

Why all the fighting over what we call the Father? Many are confused about what we refer to as the tetragrammaton: יהוה (tetragrammaton is the Greek way to say 'four letters'). Although we have been taught that Yahweh is the correct pronunciation of the tetragrammaton, this statement lacks truth and can be refuted with minimal amount of research. What is His Name (Mashly/Proverbs 30:4)? 


The Jehovah's Witness have a pamphlet entitled "What Is The Name of God?" On the front of the cover, or course, you once again find the tetragrammaton: יהוה. I am somewhat baffled as to why they have a pamphlet addressing the 'name of god,' but go out of their way to let you know the 'name of god' is not god. They even go further to tell you that the Name is not Jehovah, but they teach you it's Jehovah. I can assure you that His Name is neither Jehovah, Yahweh, Just Yah, nor 'god'. 


Does the Name of the Father really matter? In a perfect world, we could live our lives the way we see fit and call out to Him when we need a little help. Who is He? What's His Name? Why does it matter? Are you are here to learn the importance of His Name, or dispute it? Why did He say, "My people know My name?" Why would He say that if it did not matter? Is His Name Yahweh, Jehovah, Lord, God, Ahayah, or Iaue? Why is there so much confusion on a subject that is really not difficult to understand: He told us His Name, therefore, we need only learn how to identify it: this is where the problem begins.



**Food For Thought (Volume 1): "What's In a Name?" is found above the video**



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