Yahuah Is Life!

יהוה הוא חיי

'What is His Name? And what is His Son's Name - if you know it!'

Mashly/Proverbs 30:4


1 Name for the Father

Do you remember much about your childhood? If so, maybe you grew up in the church. If this also is accurate then I am sure you remember the preacher saying something about the 'name of god.' Now let's be honest, as children we don't really think on the name of god - we already know it's god! From there we graduate to Jehovah. Then we are taught that the name of god has many different ways to be said: Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah Nisi and so on and so forth...this is the name of god. After the whole Jehovah mix up, we graduate to Yahweh. Keep in mind that during these changes we are no longer children, but we are growing into thinking productive adults (or so it seems), so for many; the name of god may cause our curiosity to lead us into more research. We quickly dismiss Jehovah since the 'J' sound did not exist in the language of which the Name was given...so Yahweh it is! Now, from the surface, Yahweh looks good right? I mean, it feels 'Hebrew' (as we say). We know that Yah is the alleged poetic form of His Name, and since He is the way...Yahweh. What if this is wrong? We know the Most High is not named god, but what if we missed something on the whole Yah thing? What if Yahweh is another trap set to keep us moping in darkness. The informative video segment found below will give you a letter for letter, step by step breakdown of the true Name, the one and only Name, for the Sovereign of the Universe...I honestly hope this helps you understand that He has a specific Name, and commands us to say it in reverence.

The PDF Article "Food For Thought Vol. 1 - What's In a Name" is found directly above the video.